People of this type go about their usual productive work without giving much thought to its "higher meaning". They do it for very down-to-earth personal reasons, such as providing for themselves and their families. They are farmers and laborers, owners of small businesses, municipal or government employees, bank clerks, and teachers.

Risk taking decisions. Faced with uncertainty and the need to take a risky decision, they act based on generally accepted common sense, like most people do in such situations.

Toilers have modest dreams. They do not aspire to get rich and famous quick and plan their lives out without over- or underestimating their own abilities and chances for success. They very much want to preserve their current material and social status and see it improve over time. They have both their feet firmly on the ground. Success in the lives of Toilers depends on their hard work and individual ability. Toilers that are sufficiently capable or hit a lucky streak can very well succeed in their careers, but they could easily lose it all too when facing competition from those with better motivation and drive.

Toilers and society. People of this type are not politically ambitious, nor are they concerned with politics in general. All they require from the government is that it maintain and preserve stability and law and order. In all other matters, they would rather be independent from the State, while at the same time remaining a part of it. During elections, they tend to vote with the majority, leaning towards conservative leaders. Even where they do have their own take on an issue, they are loath to go against the "prevailing opinion" for fear of standing out from the crowd. During periods of great social upheaval, they tend to congregate with like-minded people (of which there are many), and that makes them feel a part of a large, strong body that relieves them of the burden of personal responsibility. In general, Toilers are individualists in their personal lives and collectivists in their social life. They are against any radical change in society and do not take kindly to those trying to promote any such change. They have little interest in foreign affairs except, perhaps, news of a sensationalist nature, such as catastrophes or natural calamities.


For Toilers, “here and now” is most important. They see the future as an extension of the present that they want to make as secure and predictable as possible. Looking back, they see the past through rose-colored glasses, as something of little importance that one can still, however, feel slightly nostalgic about. They prefer a traditional way of life with its own inner rhythm. They have their need for an occasional physiological or psychological thrill fully satisfied by the inevitable difficulties of everyday life and the easy high of watching ball games and rooting for their favorite team. People of this type see sudden and significant change for the worse in their lives as a disaster. They never adapt well and may even become physically sick as a result of any such adverse change.

Leisure. Toilers usually have a limited number of trusted old friends from way back in their “inner circle”. All such friendships are based on a history of mutual assistance and many a holiday celebrated together. They tend to spend their free time in their quiet privacy—tending their gardens, or taking their families on well-organized tours for a vacation. While watching TV, they prefer light entertainment and sports. Some among them like to attend live sports events at stadiums where, as part of a large crowd, they find an outlet for their emotions. Some may engage in a serious single hobby while others, of a “Jack-of-all-trades" persuasion, enjoy making home and garden improvements.

Relationships and preferences. Toilers’ attitude towards the opposite sex tends to change accordingly, as they grow older. That said, most of them enjoy good partnership relations with their spouses across the board—in sex, family and financial matters, etc.

Salt of the Earth. Toilers are that very majority that lives by their own abilities and within their means. If successful, they slowly adjust their expectations upward—slowly and cautiously. Most of them are conservative and conformist. Together, they constitute the core of any nation that ensures its long-term survival and stability.

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Tips on Personal Growth

A clear sense of reality is your definite forte. Your weakness is the poor ability to see into the future and the tendency to exaggerate past negative events as a never-ending pattern of defeat.

Stability and emotional balance.

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Strategy for Success

Sometimes you will find it difficult to make decisions you may not have sufficient experience to make. In such cases, it would be best to seek advice from experts in the field. It is very important for these professionals to be aware of your personality type, preferences, goals and other such specific circumstances.

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