Who Should Take the Risk Quiz?

Risk Attitudes Profiler

There are people whose goal in life is to achieve stability, order and safety. Others, on the other hand, have a subconscious drive for a dynamic life, never-ending excitement, and risk-taking. These needs and inclination are often unconscious; hidden from one’s consciousness. The reason for plentiful troubles in life and many a lost fortune is the incompatibility between the person’s propensity for risk and his or her actual lifestyle, choice of occupation, goals and ways to achieve them.

  • This quiz could benefit people feeling the tension in their life who are trying to determine the reasons for it and find useful recommendations on personal growth.
  • Those looking for a job, a better career or help with making an important decision, could use the quiz results to gain additional assurance that they are making the right choice.
  • Risk Attitudes Profiler may be of use for professionals involved in risk management to help assess and account for the risks associated with people's attitudes toward risk and uncertainty.
  • This quiz will help respondents to feel confident that they have chosen an optimal lifestyle that matches their risk profile.
  • Risk Attitudes Profiler is a valuable tool for pre-employment screening in occupations in which the applicants’ risk appetite, risk tolerance, or risk aversion play a significant role.
  • Risk Attitudes Profiler could be invaluable for organizations assisting problem youths that need to determine what kind of psychological support would be most appropriate for specific individuals.
  • School counselors and communities helping at-risk youths could also find the quiz quite handy.
  • The test would make an indispensable and welcome addition to any counselor’s arsenal. By helping reveal inadequacies in a client’s lifestyle, it will make any recommendations made all the more meaningful and effective.
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