Role Model Quiz

It is clear just how important role models can be. Whether intentionally or not, we attempt to emulate their behavior, even though often our character traits have no reasonable correlation to those of our heroes, celebrities, or icons. It is more advantageous to choose as a role model those whose traits are similar to our own. To learn more about the Role Model Quiz and see a sample of the quiz results, please read the quiz’s full description.

Each respondent’s risk profile will be compared to the risk profiles of 200 famous, well known, and notorious people (like Thomas Edison, Marilyn Monroe, Henry Ford, Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, Princess Diana, Lewis Carroll, Margaret Thatcher, George W. Bush, JRR Tolkien, Martha Stewart and many others).
Take the Role Model Quiz to generate:
  • A list of prominent individuals,
  • A quantitative measure of your risk profile’s similarity to those individuals,
  • A list of your most suitable spheres of activity,
  • Descriptions of your strengths.
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