About Role Model Quiz

It is clear just how important role models can be. As a rule, we choose a role model either intuitively or after being influenced by others. Whether intentionally or not, we attempt to emulate our role model’s behavior, regardless of how our own traits match up with theirs. It is easier when we have a role model whose important personality traits are similar to our own.

One of the main factors shaping an individual’s behavior is his or her attitude to risk. A person's attitude about risk can be illustrated through his "risk profile". What is a "risk profile"?

An individual’s risk profile consists of a combination of seven basic risk types. These basic risk types include:

The risk profile of every person includes all of these risk types, though the degree to which each risk type is expressed varies case by case.

Our database comprises 200 famous, well known, and notorious people from various spheres of activity. We have carefully investigated the facts of their biographies, and answered, as they would have, the questions in the Risk Attitudes Quiz, thereby obtaining their risk profiles. We then grouped these celebrities according to their spheres of activity as follows:

  • Social Leadership
  • Championing Human Rights
  • Social Reform
  • Hi-Tech Business
  • Business
  • Performing Arts
  • Literature
  • Journalism
  • Science
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Human Relationships & Communication
  • Exploration
  • Engineering
  • Sport

This quiz generates a list of prominent people based on your answers. These can be considered your best role models since their traits will be similar to your own. If you were to select role models from your customized list, you will learn a lot from their path to success. Hence, your chances for success in the corresponding field of activity will increase substantially.

In addition to the list of role models, a list of the most suitable areas of activity will also be given. This list is generated based on your role models’ occupations. Thus, occupational recommendations are presented in two ways, not only as spheres of activity well-suited to you, but also as a list of prominent people, heroes, and icons who have found success within those fields.


How are the risk profiles of quiz takers compared with those of famous people? Remember, seven basic risk types comprise each risk profile. While answering questions, the degree to which each risk type is expressed are analyzed. The personalities from our database whose risk profile correlates most strongly to the respondent’s risk profile are then listed. The percentage of similarity between the risk profiles is indicated as well. Finally, there will be a description of quiz taker’s strengths. These will do the most to help him or her realize their potential. A sample quiz result is shown below.

Male Figures

Inventor of dynamite, industrialist
American businessman, first space tourist
American businessman, former CEO of Intel
American inventor, businessman
Principal founder of the Microsoft Corporation
45th vice president of the United States
President of the Russian Federation
34th president of the United States

Based on the above, the following spheres of activity are a good fit:

  • Science
  • Hi-Tech Business
  • Business
  • Social Leadership

Female Figures

Mathematician, first woman to obtain a doctorate in mathematics
American businessperson, co-founder of the cosmetic company
64th secretary of state of the United States
American biochemist, Nobel laureate in Medicine
American businesswoman
German mathematician

Based on the above, the following spheres of activity are a good fit:

  • Science
  • Business

Respondent’s Strengths

Here are the respondent’s strengths that they may rely on to realize their potential:

You are good at setting goals and distinguishing between what you really need and what you can easily do without. You take all your projects seriously, thoroughly evaluating their importance and feasibility before making the decision to proceed.

You carefully evaluate all potential outcomes of your actions across a variety of scenarios, and routinely do so. Once committed, you do not procrastinate.

You are circumspect, but not timid. Once you identify a particular goal as important, attainable, and worthwhile, the obstacles or difficulties along the way do not scare you off.

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