About Visionary-Pragmatist Quiz

Some people that may be designated as Visionaries possess a clear vision of the future. Others possess this ability to a lesser degree. Whereas others still, designated as Pragmatists focus on the present time and concrete things, and prefer not to burden themselves with contemplation about distant events.

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The Vision - Pragmatism trait greatly influences lifestyle and business activity of a person. The Visionary-Pragmatist quiz allows you to find what level of forward-thinking and focus on the future is more relevant and comfortable for you. Knowing your Vision-Pragmatism profile will assist you in determining your best position in management, social, technological, and artistic fields.

Five Visionary-Pragmatist Profiles

People can be grouped according to 5 grades of the vision-pragmatism trait, in the following way:

  • Strong Visionaries – “dreamers”. Remarkably future-oriented, very imaginative persons, who easily develop a conceptual model, but can sometimes be over-imaginative and end up with pure speculations. Some of the strong visionaries possess an unusual power of foresight.
  • Visionaries – usually look for general principles that connect events and explain things, and, if don't find them, try to invent new ones. Their vision is so real for them that it greatly helps them to communicate it to others. These people are often become pioneers in their areas of activity.
  • Balanced – these folks are mainly focused on facts, the present time, the existing things and established ways of doing things. That said, they accept new things too and can innovate pretty well. As a rule, they trust their own experience more than theoretical knowledge.
  • Pragmatists – down to earth folks. A sense of reality is a distinctive feature of pragmatists. As a rule, things that happen in the here and now, and that concern them, are most essential to them.
  • Strong Pragmatists – an extreme version of pragmatists defined above. They have an acute sense of reality and might not even see beyond the “here and now”. They prefer the "tried and true" and don’t want to hear any speculations.

The five profiles are differentiated with the Vision – Pragmatism Index that is the degree of expression of Vision - Pragmatism trait in a person.


Free Visionary-Pragmatist Quiz

  • Determines whether you are more of a visionary or pragmatic person, or in the middle.
  • Provides your Vision-Pragmatism trait profile that describes potentially strong and weak points, and the types of activities where people with this profile find themselves most comfortable and content.
  • Presents examples of famous personalities that have visionary or pragmatic qualities similar to yours.


The premium granular assessment is an option available upon completion of the free Visionary - Pragmatist Quiz. The premium assessment includes:

  • Your Vision – Pragmatism index.
  • Tailored tips on personal growth and strategies for successful behavior.
  • More examples of famous personalities that have visionary or pragmatic qualities similar to yours.
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