A Mix of Vision and Pragmatism

Meet the “Balanced”: People with balance of vision and pragmatism are interested in facts and today's reality, but are open to innovations, too. As a rule, they trust their experience more than theoretical knowledge. The “balanced” do not deceive themselves with illusions, but plan their life without over- or underestimating their capabilities and possibilities. They usually set themselves realistic goals, but sometimes doing this might keep them from realizing the full extent of their potential. They easily see new possibilities and are persistent in achieving them.

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In management positions, people of this type are more proficient in tactical, operational activities rather than strategizing ones. They engage in activities which enhance outcome but are focused on the immediate goals and shorter term. They ensure that standard operating procedures are followed. A side effect of this type of managerial style in the long run is that it has the potential to limit growth and change, because of insufficient interest in innovation and development.

In a social or political activities, the “balanced” can be efficient in managing projects, coordinating tasks, and ensuring stability. They explore various ways that will make them more effective in what they do or trying to achieve.

In the technological sphere, people of this type, as a rule, become responsible for technical development and implementation. Often, they provide technical leadership to a team and effectively manage technical aspects. Many of them possess communication and collaboration skills and are able to coach others. As a rule, they have enough capacity and skills to deal with conflict and opposition in a positive manner.

In the field of art, the “balanced” demonstrate the originality of style combining it with known methods in conveying color, shape and texture. They are masterful with computer tools for design and illustration.


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