Meet the down-to-earth Pragmatist. A distinctive feature of pragmatist is a sense of reality. As a rule, things that happen in the here and now, and that concern them, are most essential to them. Pragmatists prefer to be concerned with day-to-day matters than to deal with substantially new experiences. They feel much more comfortable in an unvarying, predictable environment than in a rapidly changing environment. They prefer the 'tried and true' method, do not like unrealistic ideas and speculations, and feel comfortable with clear-cut definitions and instructions. Pragmatists do not deceive themselves with illusions, but plan their lives without over- or underestimating capabilities and possibilities.

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Caveat: Pragmatists should be aware that their tendency to be more concerned with the immediate needs, and not setting themselves long-term goals might keep them from realizing the full extent of their potential.

In a management position, people of this type are efficient in organizing and coordinating the delivery of service, and giving advice to customers.

In a social or political activity, they direct their efforts to ensure a proper functioning of the activity. They take practical steps and do what is required to take a project to completion.

In the technological sphere, people of this type, as a rule, are responsible for clearly defined tasks, usually having to do with development and implementation of technology. They are good in providing technical leadership to a team. Pragmatists are persistent in challenging and pushing hard to solve technical issues.

Pragmatists are usually able to peacefully resolve conflicts, in all of the activities mentioned above.


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