Strong Pragmatist

An acute sense of reality is a distinctive feature of the Strong Pragmatist. Only things that happen in the here-and-now and that concern them, are most essential to them. Their visionary-pragmatist profile is basically an extreme version of the Pragmatist.

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People of this type strive to maintain their assets and social status, and to move up the socioeconomic ladder. They prefer the "tried and true" method, do not like unrealistic ideas and speculations, and feel comfortable with clear-cut definitions and instructions. They are against any radical changes in the status quo and react negatively to those who attempt to make changes. Sometimes people of this type feel that some amazing things are passing them by, but they don’t have enough interest to get involved.

Their view of the present as the sole reality might have negative consequences for them. They may have difficulty anticipating the long term, and see setbacks as permanent.

Some people of this type are a priori distrustful and skeptical about any new, un-orthodox and future-focused ideas. They may believe, unwarrantably, that they are being constantly deceived or manipulated.


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