Strong Visionary

Meet the “dreamer”: Remarkably future-oriented, very imaginative persons, who easily develop a conceptual model, but can sometimes be over-imaginative and unrealistic. They perceive all phenomena as a part of a general whole. Strong visionaries are able to see a pattern where others only see a mess. Some of the strong visionaries possess an exceptional power of foresight.

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In management positions, people of this type have the potential to implement their vision and push the business forward. They raise hopes and moods. They make a difference. They are likely to make decisions that promote innovation and business survival in the long-term. Strong visionaries look to the future. They can create wealth. However, they may also foil a project’s success by investing in implementing their vision more than is actually beneficial. Additionally, the relatively disordered nature of this type of visionaries may impede business success.

In social activities, they are prone to be engaged in new and large social projects. Some of such visionaries can promulgate new global social ideas and lead social movements.

In politics, strong visionaries lead and encourage people to follow their vision. They apply all their efforts towards achieving the ultimate objective which, in their opinion, has a super important value, and which becomes their ideological doctrine. Other purposes are considered subordinate to the ultimate objective. This style of leadership has the power to convey the sense of urgency and unify people towards achieving a clear goal, which may be good for the country or for the world. On the other hand, history shows that an extreme inspiration leads to a national or a global tragedy.

In the technological sphere, people of this type lead research and development of technology. They are able to identify and exploit synergies among disparate technologies and applications. They bring their unique vision to planning, design, and development. They also contribute a lot to the development of strategic direction, governance, and risk management strategy.

In the field of art, visionaries of this type reveal stunning imagination. Often, they pioneer in their field through the use of color, texture, and movement in ways never before imagined.


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