The Visionary knows what the future should be like, thanks to their wisdom and imagination. People who fall into this category often become truly enthusiastic about new opportunities, and become easily absorbed in their imagination. That said, they are still aware of the reality and are able to factor it in. Visionaries easily form connections between seemingly disparate ideas and events. They look for general principles in everything and if they don't find them, they try to invent or imagine new ones. To them, their vision is so real that they easily communicate it to others.

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Visionaries often pioneer in their areas of activity. Sometimes however, visionaries think so much about their projects, they feel they have already been actualized. This is the reason why some of their projects exist only in their minds.

As managers, people of this type are able to proficiently combine the best aspects of both short-term and strategic goals. They inspire their fellow co-workers with their vision. Visionaries will try to achieve their goals by using both known and innovative methods, whichever works. They need some freedom and protection from strict administrative control to unleash their strength.

In social undertakings, visionaries become absorbed by innovative projects, but they will align them with the established practices in the domain. They can attract new followers and inspire them with their ideas.

In politics, visionaries can combine a pragmatic approach with an inspired one. In the pragmatic approach, the situation is analyzed logically, ways of reaching the goal are offered, their cost is determined, and the positive and negative consequences arising after goal completion are weighed. In the inspired approach, vision prevails over all other considerations and this vision is usually formulated as the absolute ideological doctrine.

In the technological sphere, people of this type, as a rule, shape research and development and possibly, new product plans. They provide their vision to planning, design, and development. They readily support cutting edge technologies, and willing to use innovative approaches to pursue opportunities. They are able to identify and exploit synergies among disparate technologies. As a rule, they contribute a great deal to the development of strategic direction, governance, and risk management strategy.

In the field of art, visionaries show great imagination. Sometimes they pioneer in their field through the use of color, texture, and movement in ways never before imagined.


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